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Manglish Malayalam Keyboard, for the most part known as Manglish has changed the way in which customers type Malayalam on Android. Join 10M+ customers who save time using our statement assumptions, exact phonetic strict understanding and Malayalam voice to message making.

While enabling any control center that you download, Android shows a standard reprimand. Manglish Keyboard doesn’t accumulate or store any near and dear or restricted information.

You can type by tending to your phone using our all new Malayalam Voice to Text making feature, called Manglish Voice.

Manglish has the best Malayalam film sticker comments. Use these staggering fun stickers in your conversations inside any advising application.

Forming with Manglish is the fastest technique to type – you needn’t mess with some other Malayalam input devices. It works inside all applications on your phone – not any more copy stick! Start making in English and pick Malayalam word for what you’re making. The most notable words work without web.

Chat with your friends and family in your nearby language – use Malayalam on Whatsapp, Facebook or some other application. The equitable application that maintains Malayalam talk stickers in Whatsapp and other visit applications.

Directions to use this Malayalam console

1. Open Manglish Keyboard from your applications in the wake of presenting

2. Engage and pick Manglish as your control center

3. Re-try settings and pick any of the dazzling points

4. Start forming Malayalam everywhere

5. Zing up your conversations by using Malayalam photo comments from our curated film trade stickers


– Switch among Malayalam and English conjectures by tapping on the മ button

– Add emojis/smileys in your visits from the control center. Hold the 123 key or press 123 and select the emoji image to get a once-over of smileys

– Click on the stickers image in the thought bar to open the Sticker/GIF/Emoji fragment. You can similarly use the emoji key to open this

– Malayalam Voice to Text application: type by talking into your phone with Manglish Voice Keyboard


– Choose “Vibrate on keypress” to add a little vibration when crushing each key

– Enable “Supplement space after . ,” to add a space thusly after these characters

– Enabling “Press space to pick word” will thusly pick the Malayalam gauge when you press space

– Choosing “Adjust English on erase” will change the changed over Malayalam text back to English for less difficult modifying. Unwinding this will permit you to change Malayalam text straight by pressing erase

– “Utilize separated assumptions” can be slowed down to get simply positive partners for what you type. This will require a working web relationship with work

– Choose a subject that you like from “Keyboared points”

– To kill all advancements from the application, click “Wipe out Ads” and make a purchase. This is somewhat one time cost and helps support us


You can choose to buy Manglish Premium from the Remove Ads region in settings. Your purchase will help us continue to deal with this application and pay for costs towards running our establishment. It’s a one time purchase and will give you premium features until the cows come home.

Creating FAQ

– To get ഞങ്ങൾക്കും, type “njangalkum”

– For ആശംസകൾ, type “aash” and you’ll get the full conjecture

– To type just ആശംസ, type “aashamsa” and investigate the plans to pick it

– Some words needs web to work – you may have to hold on two or three minutes in case web is moderate

Dismissal Handwriting Input, Indic Keyboard or other dormant manual control center – this is the best Android Malayalam Keyboard and is speedy, simple and the best in class. നിങ്ങളുടെ സ്വന്തം മലയാളം കീബോർഡ്.

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