Vehicle Owners Note that the new notice will be mandatory from January and will apply to everyone

People with four-wheelers should be aware that the government has also introduced a new law that requires people to pay fines, and these are important decisions that people need to be aware of. Today’s video explains some of the important decisions to be aware of in March, as well as the new road law issued […]


Old vehicles are going to be demolished and the process has started

Older vehicles are being demolished and it is known in detail that these vehicles were initially demolished. The number of vehicles on our roads is increasing day by day. Approval for Scrapage Policy. Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made the announcement during the presentation of the budget. The deadline for the use of vehicles in the […]


If you have a tire puncture in an unoccupied area or at night, you can learn to replace it. Especially for women

Here is a rundown of things that are valuable for the individuals who travel significant distances in their own vehicles and the individuals who travel in vehicles. Vehicle tire cut is one of the most widely recognized issues experienced by drivers. In such cases, voyaging alone would be more troublesome. It can genuinely influence the […]


New law for 4-wheeler owners from January

Nobody ought to be uninformed of this standard, which makes everything compulsory for four-wheelers from January 1, and must be done as quickly as time permits. In November, drivers without head protectors will have their licenses cut for a quarter of a year without punishment, too. To pay the fine through e-challan, so a ton […]


Mercedes Benz worth Rs 3 crore

Mercedes-Benz is the leader extravagance vehicle. Benz is referred to for its staggering highlights just as its smooth look. There is nobody who doesn’t stop for a second to see Benz running along the expressway. Mercedes-Benz dominates in numerous zones, guaranteeing cutting edge offices. Yet, coming up next is about a video that is becoming […]


Solution to the main problem that bike and Scooty owners face when wearing helmets

This is an extraordinary answer for the serious issue that bikers and Scooters face when wearing head protectors. Since it is illegal to ride a bicycle or a Scooty without a cap, obviously nobody goes out without these, and now individuals sitting in the back likewise need to wear caps. Presently they will confront a […]


How to avoid fear of four wheel driving

There will be nobody who doesn’t care for vehicles. Each and every individual who ventures loves vehicles. So one they had always wanted is to purchase a vehicle. A few people like bicycles while a few people like vehicles. There are no significant challenges in riding a bicycle. In the event that we have a […]

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Cool family vehicles available to be purchased beginning from Rs 1 lakh. Vehicles that can without much of a stretch travel with a family or go on a visit with 4-5 companions are the fantasy of the vast majority, yet in the event that you don’t have the financial plan to purchase such direct vehicles […]


Low Price Innova Cars and Maruti suzuki Ertiga Used Cars in Kerala

1. Maruti suzuki Ertiga: This vehicle is in acceptable condition in 2013 model and is controlled by a diesel motor. This is a vdi alternative vehicle in the center variation. The vehicle, which is currently in second possession, has gone more than one lakh kilometers up until now. Administration History Available with all vehicle subtleties. […]


4 cars available on down payment from Rs 50,000

Coming up next are some acceptable condition vehicles that offer more highlights on a lower spending plan. Acclimate (gain, get) with present-day strategies that originated from My Car, a trade-in vehicle showroom. From this trade-in vehicle showroom we can see various sorts of brands of vehicles and reasonable vehicles. In addition, we can get vehicles […]