Ration Card IN KERALA

kerala Ration card holders beware

Step by step instructions to Change APL To BPL Ration Card in Kerala : This is an exceptionally helpful information for APL card holders. The time has come to change over your APL card to BPL card. This is the most recent news. APL card holders have been dropped from the BPL list for various reasons. So on the off chance that you can do these, at that point obviously it is conceivable to change from APL card rundown to BPL card.

On the off chance that you take a gander at the rundown of proportion card holders across Kerala today, you can see that probably a portion of those on the APL list are qualified to join the BPL list. This incorporates numerous individuals who have applied to join the BPL rundown and afterward joined the APL list. However, for different reasons, such card holders will most likely be unable to join the BPL list.

Numerous BPL card holders have as of late been eliminated from the rundown as BPL card holders who have not gotten food grains through open circulation communities for over a quarter of a year have as of late been taken out from the rundown.

Kerala state government is currently finding a way to discover such ineligible individuals on the need list. When such individuals are discovered, they will be eliminated from the BPL list. Moreover, the subsequent stage is to discover individuals on the current APL list who are qualified for the need rundown and add them to the BP list.